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巴贝— 古老中国幸运符号的现代版
Babei- The modernization of an ancient Chinese good luck image


In China, everyone knows 8 is good luck, and Babei is based on "8".

人们正在设计并发给我们这些手机墙纸。它们令您的手机变得幸运! The cellphone wallpapers are being made by many people and sent to us. It turns your phone into good luck!

A Babei good luck special wallpaper for this dragon boat weekend coming up. Carry good luck with you always!

babei dragon boat.JPG
babei dragon boat festival copy.jpg
babei dragon boat a.jpg
babei dragon A.JPG

It is so cool how people add their creativity to Babei. You can use these wallpapers on your phone for free..

babei peter avi iceland waterfalls.jpg

Teresa Carpio (杜丽莎)是一位著名歌手,她喜欢自己的巴贝手袋

Teresa Carpio is a famous singer who loves her Babei bags


The original good luck Babei image that was passed around many years ago


  If you copy these wallpapers with "Babei" and keep on your phone, it will turn your phone into a good luck piece!             

“Babei" was proud to be a part of the Beijing International Culture and Creative Industry Expo, bringing modernized ancient good luck from China to the show. Babei from Ba Village is growing!

Babei goes to New Zealand Dec, 2016 ^

Chiang Mai, Thailand ^

Beijing ^

Bag Made by Sasha in New Zealand

South Thailand 2017- Children's Day Dancers


"Babei" In Taiwan

 China Association of Social Workers, Committee of Corporate Citizenship中国社会工人协会,企业公民委员会    The 10th Chinese Excelence Corporare Citizenship Annual Conference第十界中国优秀企业公民年会

Beijing ^

To send your wallpapers or contact us:

 随时随身携带来自中国的古老幸运符!  Carry ancient good luck from China with you always!

如果您希望帮助我们将巴贝用在产品上,敬请联系   If you’d like to help get Babei on any products, feel free to contact us:

Lan niece Babei hand.jpg

如果您希望帮助我们将巴贝用在产品上,敬请联系   If you’d like to help get Babei on any products, feel free to contact us:

To send your wallpapers or contact us:

babei bhutan.jpg
Babei Yarevan, Armenia.jpg
Babei me speech.jpg
Babei Lynn Jiangsu.JPG
Babei Indian edit_edited-2.jpg
babei julia NY.jpg
babei jodie friends NY.jpg
babei art detroit.jpg
jodie oct 5 babei phone ed.jpg
babei israel copy.JPG
IMG_1176 copy.JPG
babei Lake Tahoe.jpeg
jonah LV.jpeg
babei MI b.jpg
babei gary fanny.JPG
Babei ipad cindy.JPG
babei stickers.JPG
jen 24 babei shirt copy.JPG
babei airport.jpg
babei Carol Israel copy.jpg
babei carol grandson copy.jpg
Babei Maria baby bottle copy.JPG
Babei maria Globe copy.JPG
babei maria watch copy.jpg
babei photofunia neon.jpg
babei red wall.jpg
babei night photofunia street.jpg
babei gallery PF.jpg
babei travel sketch.jpg
babei elain starbucks.JPG
babei elain home seattle.JPG
babei maria glass 2019.jpg
babei sasha volcano copy 2.png
babei maria camera.jpg
babei maria diamond only.jpg
babei sasha Bora Bora.jpg
babei love story sweden maria.jpg
babei toronto lu zhou text .jpg
babei lebanon.jpg
Babei wen Lebanon.jpg
babei toronto lu zhou 2 text.jpg
Babei lebanon c wen.JPG
babei mexico text.jpg
babei coco bj.JPG
babei helen words.JPG
babei Jonah NY 2019.JPG
babei tam jackie xmas.JPG
babei doha local guy edit.jpg
babei doha text edit.JPG
babei gauguin 2020.jpg
IMG_7688 4.jpg
babei lynn music festival 2021.jpg
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